Prof. Dr. Norbert Graf

Prof. Dr. Norbert Graf is chairman of this year's summer school and coordinator of p-medicine.

Prof. Graf has been medical director of the Department for Pediatric Oncology and Haematology at Saarland University Hospital since 2003. He is Chairman of the SIOP 2001/GPOH Trial on Nephroblastoma and Dean for study affairs at the Faculty of Medicine of Saarland University. Moreover, he is member of various national and international research, scientific and ethical societies.

Prof. Graf studied human medicine at Saarland University's Faculty of Medicine. After his approbation as physician and specialised training in pediatrics and pediatric oncology/hematology he habilitated in pediatrics at Saarland University's Faculty of Medicine. His research interests include pediatric oncology, especially nephroblastoma and brain tumors, clinical trials, ethical issues in medicine, eHealth, eLearning and medical education.

Prof. Graf is an internationally acknowledged pioneer in the field of personalised medicine. He is participating in various ongoing VPH research projects such as p-medicine, CHIC, EURECA and MyHealthAvatar.