For the last few decades, computational models have gained significant momentum, especially for simulating tumor growth and response to treatment. Clinically-driven complex multiscale cancer models can produce quite realistic spatio-temporal simulations of concrete clinical interventions such as radio-chemotherapy. In this context, clinical data processing procedures and computer technologies play an important role. Following clinical adaptation and validation within the framework of clinico-genomic trials, models are expected to enhance individualised treatment optimisation. The latter constitutes the long-term goal of computational and in silico oncology. Short- and mid-term goals of this new domain are to provide insight into tumor dynamcis. Additionally, clinical trial design and interpretation will be optimised. Renowned researchers in the area of computational and in silico oncology have been invited to present their accumulated experience.

Thus, the summer school will provide an excellent opportunity for interested individuals to acquire both basic knowledge and information on the current trends of this highly active multidisciplinary field.